Welcome to Immigration Specialists New Zealand

Immigration Specialists New Zealand provides high quality and most effective services both offshore and in New Zealand with all immigration and related matters.

‘If we can't get you success then no-one can!’

Are You:

  • Wanting residence?
  • Bringing family and friends to New Zealand?
  • Importing skills to the workplace?
  • Looking for a new life?
  • Involved in Exchange Schemes, Entertainment, Education, Tourism, Sports, Science?
  • Searching for more business opportunities?
  • Disappointed with the Immigration New Zealand's decision?

Tell us how we can help you?

In addition to settlement assistance we can provide all the services including:

  • Special Cases;
  • Applications to live in New Zealand (skilled migrant, residence from work, business, family);
  • Applications to enter and/or stay longer in New Zealand as a visitor, worker or student;
  • Reconsideration of application for temporary visa declined;
  • Residence Appeals;
  • Deportation Appeals.

Many people have been disappointed trying to migrate to New Zealand by having underestimated the complications which can arise. You need assistance if you want the best chance of success. Immigration is an extremely sensitive area and people need access to those who are client-focused and well qualified in immigration policy

Immigration Specialists undoubtedly has the most comprehensive immigration knowledge you can ask for. This, together with a successful achievement record, must make Immigration Specialists the best choice. Our aim is to achieve the desired results for each client. We endeavour to do this using knowledge only to benefit the client. You can be absolutely sure that you have engaged the right people.

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